Current Appointments

A/Prof Ghabrial – currently in private practice in Macquarie St and operates at Sydney Oculoplastic Surgery.

Head of Department at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Senior Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Sydney Eye Hospital
Senior Clinical Lecturer University of Sydney
CEO Sydney Oculoplastic Surgery

Institute of Academic Surgery
Senior Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Concord Hospital
Head of Department Ophthalmology Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Fellow of the Royal Australian
and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists


A/Prof Raf Ghabrial graduated from the University of Sydney, with Honours in Medicine in 1988. Since then, he has trained as an Ophthalmologist at the Sydney Eye Hospital. Afterwards, he gained unique experience in oculoplastic surgery in the United Kingdom and in the United States. He was appointed to New York University, the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary and the Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital. He has written numerous chapters for texts and scientific publications in medical literature. A/Prof Ghabrial is also regularly invited to facilitate lectures and surgical courses nationally and internationally.

A/Prof Ghabrial is Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney and Senior Consultant Surgeon at Royal Prince Alfred, Concord and Sydney Eye Hospitals. He serves as an examiner to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO) as well as representing the College for the Health Care Complaints Committee. He sits on many state and national committees including the Prosthesis and Devices Committee (Commonwealth Department of Health and Aging) and the Governing Body of Statewide Ophthalmic Services (Greater Metropolitan Task Force).

A/Prof Ghabrial is currently in private practice at Sydney Oculplastic Surgery in Sydney.

Unique Techniques

At Sydney Oculoplastic Surgery A/Prof Raf Ghabrial performs variety of unique techniques:

  1. Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy under assisted local anaesthesia. More info
    This is a situation where patient's can have scar less, minimally invasive surgery to unblock and bypass their tear ducts. This is done as day surgery and the patient can recover within a day or two, frequently returning to normal duties within the week (patient's do not require slow recovery from a general anaesthesia or from scars on the face with associated bruising). This is a situation that is unique and not performed in many centres around the world.
  2. Cicatricial ectropion repair More info
    In this technique skin grafts are not used as A/Prof Ghabrial believes that discolouration does not achieve a superior aesthetic result. A skin flap is rotated from the upper lid thereby achieving colour and skin quality match as well as suspending the lower lid.
  3. Internal ptosis repair
    Whilst some patient's are unsuitable for this technique, it is very useful for patient's with mild ptosis (drooping of the eyelid). In this operation described by Putterman of Chicago there is no external scar and the procedure is minimally invasive and reproducible with excellent results.


  • Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmology
  • American Society
  • University of Sydney Alumni
  • Sydney Eye Hospital Alumni
  • Sydney Hospitallers (Elected Councillor, 2004)
  • New York Eye and Ear Hospital Alumni
  • Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital Alumni
  • New York University School of Medicine Alumni


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    Restrictive Eye Movement Syndromes


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    Assessment of the Anophthalmic Socket by Dynamic Cine-MRI
    Immunosuppressive Treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease (poster)
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    Exenteration: A schema for various methods of Surgical Reconstruction (poster)
    Combined Radiotherapy and Immunosuppression in Graves’ Orbitopathy
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    New Approaches to Orbital Decompression in Thyoid Orbitopathy
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    Aetiology of Childhood Proptosis
    When is a lid lift not just a lid lift: Augmentation of blepharoplasty.


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    Attachment of the inferior oblique muscle after enucleation
    Positive margins after periocular skin malignancy-what to do next?
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    Enucleation, Evisceration and Exenteration.


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    Canthopexy via upper eyelid incision
    Complications of lower eyelid surgery
  • Sydney Eye Hospital Alumni (July 29)
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  • Australian College of Ophthalmologists (National, Canberra)
    Course convenor: Skin flaps in periorbital reconstruction.
    P.Martin, I Francis, B O’Donnell, G Kourt, J Danks


  • Surgical Workshop-Endoscopic DCR (Perth WA-CTEC)
    Invited instructor
  • Australian College of Ophthalmologists (National, Auckland NZ)
    Co-Chair, Oculoplastics Free Papers
    Failure of Lacrimal Surgery
    Nuclear Medicine Scan of Orbital Implant Infection
    Beware Bilateral Lower Eyelid Ectropion
    Movement of Orbital Implants
  • Registrar Conference, Save Sight Institute
    Neuro-Ophthalmic Causes of Ptosis


  • RANZCO, NSW (Leura)
    Co-convenor of Conference
    Facial palsy
    Endonasal DCR
    Complications of lower eyelid blepharoplasty
  • Sydney Eye Hospital Alumni Meeting
    A Novel Jones Tube
    Orbital Apex Syndrome
    Orbital Gunshot Injuries
    Refractive Changes in Thyroid Eye Disease
  • RANZCO, National (Melbourne)
    Ptosis- Course Convenor
    Lacrimal Disorders-Course Co-Convenor
    Refractive Change in Thyroid Eye Disease
    Aberrant regeneration of VII nerve palsy


  • Save Sight Institute Registrar Conference
    Course Convenor and Instructor
    Registrar Course, Skin Flaps in Periocular Reconstruction
    ARVO (Fla, USA)
    Lactisorb Screw fixation of Canthal Dystopia
  • Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital Alumni
    Blue Filter disc for Nasendoscopic Visualisation Lacrimal Assessment
  • RANZCO (National, Tas)
    Ptosis Course- Convenor
    Osseointegration to Repair Exenterated Sockets
    Eyelid Changes in Familial Ichthyosis
    Assisted Local Anaesthesia for Endoscopic DCR
    Oral Radioactive Iodine to treat Metastatic Thyroid Cancer to the Orbit


  • Inaugral Advanced Oculoplastic Surgery Course
    RPA Hospital
    Faculty- Prof J Dutton, Prof D Selva, Prof PJ Wormald
  • RANZCO (National, Sydney)
    Eyelid incision for lateral orbitotomy-The Sydney Eye Hospital Experience
    Quantitative Scintigraphy ( Winner Pfizer Best Paper Award)
    Endonasal Dacryocystorhinostomy-Results of 100 procedures
    Ocular Manifestations of Rosai-Dorfman Disease
    Idiopathic Orbital Inflammatory Syndrome: An institutional Perspective
    Up the nose with a rubber hose (video presentation)


  • RANZCO (NSW, Leura)
    Imaging in lacrimal studies
  • RANZCO (National, Perth)
    Chair Course –What’s New in Oculoplastics?


A/Prof Ghabrial attends Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia on a regular annual basis. As an oculoplastic surgeon he provides a service at the Royal Darwin and Darwin Private Hospitals each year. He has been attending the Northern Territory for some ten years and in the past has gone to outlying communities including Catherine. The work performed is provided to local indigenous communities and the local patient's who cannot get the service without flying away from the Northern Territory. Other outreach services have been performed in Bathurst from 1997 to 2006. Each month A/Prof Ghabrial provided outreach services to the Central West and drained patient's from the Bathurst, Dubbo and Orange regions of the Central West.


A/Prof Raf Ghabrial has appeared on multiple episodes of Channel 9’s award-winning series “RPA”. The initial footage was in 2002, 2003 and 2004. They remain popular viewing on cable TV. He has further appeared on Good Morning Australia and other TV programs. A/Prof Ghabrial has spoken on Brian Wilshire’s show “All About Eyes” on 2GB and has written numerous articles for the press.